An Introduction to Kiera El Donati
Kiera has had a myriad of experiences with the Family of Light as it was she who first began this particular association having happily camped by the river, in her camper van just outside of Mt. Shasta. She spent the entire summer of 2000 captivated by the concept that the Great Beings known as Jeshua and Mother Mary could be interested in working with her. It seemed quite incredulous yet she was willing to explore the possibility gradually hearing their words which she would write down page after page.
They began to speak to her of the History of Humanity, our initial purpose, and why they consider us so precious discovering that we are key players in healing that which has come to known as "Duality" or "Separation" for all life everywhere! An extraordinary Saga indeed!

Prior to this partnership she thought of them as her primary guides. Kiera enjoyed a successful career as a professional watercolor artist for over 25 years living in Ontario, Canada with her two sons. Her eldest has recently made his transition into the Heavens.

Kiera has delighted in co-creating with the Nature Kingdoms for quite a number of years now facilitating a myriad of Energy Clearing Processes as she can communicate with all aspects of Life. Kiera is often being requested to assist Spirit Bodies who have chosen to keep themselves out of the Heavens to make the shift that brings them Home. She is offering herself in service whenever and wherever she is called to be.

This is how she found herself living in Mt.Shasta, California, one of the most sacred spots on the Planet. She resides with her partner Aurora, as they work together consistently with the Family of Light. Focusing their efforts on achieving their personal "Freedom Quests" and joyously sharing that which they have garnered with all who's hearts are open to re-awakening to some Higher Truths about who they came to be and what they have to offer. This expands each and every time they choose love.

Kiera El Donati, Mt. Shasta, CA

An Introduction to Aurora El Donati:
"Aloha all, my name is Aurora El Donati and I have been in conscious pursuit of freedom from all that is not LOVE for over 22 years now however, a little over 4 years ago I began listening for direct input from The Family of Light and gradually realized more and more that the freedom from I sought is really freedom for all energy that has ever been associated with me in any way. To become LOVE! This became the magic for me to become successful in transformation or transmutation words, which describe the goal.

I had committed my life to transform all into love. This realization and my direct communion with the Angelic Realms gave me confidence and greater understanding as to why I was given the name Aurora. It is a "rainbow like" colorful glow even in the night sky and spans the full spectrum of energy embracing all life in celebration of unconditional LOVE A goal I recommit to every single day.

In the Light Weaving Joy weekends I offer myself as a conscious channel whenever "The Family" requests as well as providing the Radiant Blessings product line."

Aurora El Donati, Mt Shasta, CA 


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